LPCI Central Staff

LPCI Science Advisor Christian Hagen (left) talks with rancher Bill Barby on the BBarB Ranch in Kansas

Our central staff members coordinate LPCI activities range-wide.

Manuel DeLeon, Acting Coordinator

Manuel DeLeon has worked with NRCS in the Texas panhandle since 2002, serving as soil conservationist, resource team leader, and zone biologist for Texas Zone 1 before taking on the position of Acting Coordinator for LPCI in February, 2017. Manuel brings his training and experience as wildlife biologist and field conservationist to this role, in which he’ll be working to fine-tune LPCI’s conservation efforts and partnership network.

Christian Hagen, Science Advisor

Christian HagenChristian Hagen, Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, has been involved in the research, monitoring, and management of prairie grouse since mid-1990s.  His expertise focuses on the demography and habitat use of lesser prairie-chickens and greater sage-grouse, and in particular how these species respond to landscape-scale management and conservation. Christian has served as Science Advisor to NRCS Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative since 2011, and Sage Grouse Coordinator to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife from 2004–2011. He has published 40 peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals and regularly presents at national meetings.

Jordan Menge, SWAT Capacity Coordinator

Since 2012, wildlife biologist Jordan Menge has been a partner-funded member of LPCI’s Strategic Watershed Action Team, working one-on-one with landowners in the Texas panhandle to improve habitat for lesser prairie-chickens through voluntary conservation measures. In 2017, he became LPCI’s Strategic Watershed Action Team (SWAT) Capacity Coordinator.  Jordan will be helping to build LPCI’s field capacity in each of the five states that are home to lesser prairie-chickens.

Sandra Murphy, Communications Specialist

Sandra MurphySandra Murphy joined the LPCI team in 2014 to expand LPCI’s communications capacity through website, social media, publications, and outreach to press and partner organizations. Sandra holds a BS in biology from Cornell University, and a MS in environmental studies from the University of Montana. Since 1994, she has written books, magazine articles, brochures, video scripts, and radio stories, and has developed interpretive exhibitry for projects across the country.